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Date             :   29th June 2015
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Name           :  John and Linda
Date             :   31st July 2014
Comments  :  We will be back to see you Labor Day week. We still play your "Black and white" video every morning on our days off. Our neighbors now love your music too. Love you Jeff
Name           :  Susan Carey
Date             :   12th February 2014
Comments  :  Hey Jeff, so, you totally made my 13-year-old's first trip to Key West by including him in your performance at Irish Kevin's on Monday! He loved being the "star" of part of your show. It was hard to entertain a kid in the Keys, but of everything we did that day, his favorite part of the entire trip was...Jeff Harris! Thanks for making our day special! Signed, the bad parent who brought her young son to a Key West bar

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